On Renoon you will be able to find boots from multiple websites at once. Search from high knee boots, combat boots, rain boots to ankle boots, and filter them with respect to the values you care about the most! Vegan, made with innovative materials or second-hand, on Renoon you can save your serch with all your filters and come back later to check the best options for you. We combine what is available from 100+ websites, so you can save time, be true to your lifestyle and sustainability values.


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Timeless charm and extreme versatility are the keywords when it comes to women's boots. Once conceived as purely male military footwear or as accessories relegated to the world of work in the open air, over the course of the twentieth century boots have become real allies of any wardrobe able to enhance any outfit and adapt effortlessly to all fashions. The practicality of the shoe with a legging, initially used for protective purposes, soon met design, giving life to creations that are as original as they are useful for everyday life. Renoon’s selection boasts hundreds of boot styles to choose from. We select for you the best brands committed to making footwear that is not only beautiful to look at, but also resistant, comfortable and responsible. You may wonder: are boots ethical? Indeed, boots can be ethical! There are brands creating vegan boots, boots made with Innovative , or Upcycled materials, and Second-Hand boots. Are leather boots ethical? Leather boots are not ethical, but you can shop them second-hand, to give them a second life! Moreover, you might be interested in checking out leather alternatives, as Apple Skin Leather, Pinatex , and Recycled Leather. Shop between a wide variety of boots brands such as Sylven New York, Womsh, Good Guys Don't Wear Leather, and Mireya Playa and a wide range of colours and materials. Moreover, don't forget that on Renoon you can also find a wide selection of pre-owned boots. Choose your most-wanted styles, materials and values in your Renoon profile, save your searches and come back to it anytime. Be it via our App or website, you can always check for new products, search beyond your preferences or just enjoy the selections we prepare for you. Would you like to read more about Sustainable fashion and the latest trends? Don't miss out on our Blog, with dozens of articles on how to care for sustainable clothing, style suggestions and personal experiences from other sustainable fashionistas like you. Interested in sustainable vegan boots? Then you might be interested in checking out our list of vegan brands that you might like, the biggest fashion dilemmas of a vegan, and the 5 things to look for when vegan shopping.